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With special needs need support and a diverse set of activities to stimulate their development, manage the stress and frustrations arising from everyday life. Furthermore, they develop emotional problems, low self-esteem, interaction and learning difficulties at a greater rate when compared to other students. This is due to the lack of activities that promote. Inclusion and school integration. In this context, this article has as its guiding question: how does play favor the learning process in special education? Therefore, the objective is to highlight that play is a tool that facilitates learning in special education. For this. A bibliographic review was adopted as a methodology. It also seeks to support the adoption of playfulness as a possible solution to this issue, highlighting the importance of recreational. Activities for cognitive development, integration and inclusion of these children in special education. Finally, it was possible to conclude that playful educational practices.

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Learning process, providing children with special needs with greater educational performance and spontaneous interaction. Furthermore, it appears that games can. Transmit notions of. Concepts and knowledge about any subject, through alternative resources that are inserted in the social context of the special student, as a way of relating their reality to the materials, thus enabling a meaningful learning. Keywords: playfulness, children. Education, inclusion, development. 1. Introduction children with special needs.In their Afghanistan Phone Number Database social context, need support and a diverse set of activities to stimulate their development. Manage the stress and frustrations arising from everyday life. In this context, recent research demonstrates that playing with family and friends, in a. Developmentally appropriate way, is a unique opportunity. To foster these children’s socio-emotional, cognitive, linguistic and self. Regulation skills, as this act plays an important. Role in the evolution of function.

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Executive and a pro-social

Brain. Furthermore, play contributes to the formation of safe. Stable and nurturing relationships with all the caregivers that children need to develop (recchia, 1997). When there is no play or safe, solid and stimulating relationships in the life of a child with special needs, toxic stress can interrupt the development of executive function and the Australia Phone Number List learning of prosocial behavior, as it turns out that they are they regulate the body’s response to stress and make the child feel happier. Welcomed and socialized (carneiro, 2012). Accordingly, according to the aforementioned author, several studies have been carried out in order to. Demonstrate playful teaching in the daily school life. Of children with special needs. However, it appears that pedagogical plans aimed at early childhood in special education are oriented towards adding more didactic content and fewer playful activities.

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