In this context, teachers play an

Important role in substantiating and highlighting the function of a curriculum based on the inclusion of playful learning to carry out actions in favor of healthy child development (carneiro, 2012). In view of the above, this article has as its guiding question: how does play favor the learning process in special education? Therefore, the objective is to highlight that play is a tool that facilitates learning in special education. For this, a bibliographic review was adopted as a. Methodology. In view of this.It is highlighted how. The promotion of studies, approaches and research can encourage the development of actions. Aimed at including playful teaching in the learning of. Special needs children, as a way of stimulating and preserving children’s mental health. As well as preventing socio-emotional problems that can evolve as a result. Of the lack of recreational school activity (fonseca, 1980).

Play and inclusive education

As carneiro (2012) explains, in contemporary times, themes that deal with social inclusion, characterized mainly by the inclusion of students with special needs in regular education networks, have gained emphasis in debates about. Social policies. In this context, there are several implications in such problems, among which we can mention the lack of state commitment to providing infrastructure, teacher training planning and necessary conditions to ensure students the. Full exercise of their rights inherent to education and Albania Phone Number Database inclusion. In line with this, sassaki (1997) defines social inclusion as: (…) a process by which society adapts to be able to include. In its general social systems, people with special needs and, simultaneously. They prepare to assume their roles in society. Social inclusion therefore constitutes a bilateral process in which people who are still excluded and society seek, in partnership, to solve problems. Decide on solutions and achieve equal opportunities for all (sassaki, 1997, p. 41).

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We also know that the

Inclusion of these students is provided for in several brazilian laws, which provide. Regulatory guidelines to guarantee the inclusion of these students in regular education. Networks (dupin; silva, 2020). It is essential to highlight that it is not. Only about compliance with legal standards regarding. The rights of students with special needs. But also. About ensuring Belgium Phone Number List that this process is conducted in accordance with the needs and demands present, so that the fulfillment of the. Educational gap opened by social inequalities. Present in the. Country (dupin; silva, 2020). In this context. The importance of playfulness in the development of the educational training of special students is highlight. As playful teaching practices. Constitute fundamental elements for the child’s performance. School, is the space in which inclusion will occur more naturally.

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