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Instagram Business Account: how to set it up correctly Update: June 30th If you have a company nowadays you cannot fail to have a dedicated account on Instagram, so much so that the platform offers the possibility of creating a Business Account . You can create it from scratch or you can
company and if possible also a keyword. Example : If you have a shoe store called Tacco12 your

Applies to your profile bio

models of aggregate links . The link in bio, however, is not the only CTA that Instagram offers us, by clicking “Edit” and then on “Call to Action Buttons” you can select a CTA from: • Order Food • Book now • Book They can be used if you are a partner of external apps such as TheFork , Deliveroo , Appointy , etc. However, a fourth “Find out more” option has recently been introduced . This is an internal contact form within Instagram that allows us to collect the
b2b email list data and requests of users who fill it out. The CTA will appear on your profile as a button and you can choose from four text options: Apply Now Find out more You have to request the quote subscribe Highlighted Stories Instagram The platform also

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Business, the Best Choice Is the Logo,

username could be tacco12_scarpe The same logic applies to your profile bio , insert keywords into a short description capable of communicating  BM Leads, exactly the service or product you offer, and don’t forget the link to your website or eCommerce. Last, but not least, is the profile picture . It must recall your business, the best choice is the Logo, otherwise select a photo that portrays your product or that recalls the service you offer. In this way, users will have a clear understanding of your core business as soon as they land on your profile . CTA We talked about inserting the link in the biography, for the moment it is only possible  BM Leads   ,  to insert one but some external platforms allow you to create customized
offers the possibility of collecting Stories and highlighting them , this is a tool not to be

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