August 14, 2023
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Laws and agreements are changeable. Follow our profile on social networks and keep an eye on the changes. We’re on Facebook , LinkIn , YouTube and Instagram .Gamifi platform: is it the best option for large companies, after all? The gamifi platform is an efficient corporate training solution, whose online learning system uses the mechanics and dynamics of normal games to engage employees, improving them professionally and bringing more results to the company. Romulo Martins.

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CorpPublish by April 28, 2023 Training and development 6 minutes of reading Article index Gamifi platform: the missing upgrade Hong Kong B2B List in corporate ucation 8 benefits of the gamifi platform 1. Teaching flexibility 2. Learning mobility 3. Fits in your pocket 4. Promote networking 5. Online support for participants 6. Progress reports 7. Promotes accessibility 8. Knowlge retention 9. Feback for optimization Get to know Gupy Corporativa’s gamifi platform More efficient recruitment and selection and hiring with Gupy.

B2B Email List

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Talk to a seller Did you know that advantages of a gamifi platform contain learning retention, progress reports and the fact that BM Leads it is more accessible compar to traditional training? Corporate training is a ne that small and large companies see to develop and improve employees. In a world that is constantly innovating, the market has advanc towards the future and many processes have been digitiz to simplify sharing, teaching and interacting with people. Soon, gamifi training platforms emerg to meet the ne for online learning in large companies.

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