February 28, 2024
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Intraoral scanning: understand what it is

Dentistry has been developing alongside technological advancement, which directly benefits patients, with better comfort and the use of more modern materials, and also speeds up the dentist’s clinical time. Intraoral Scanning was a substantial evolution in this area, which facilitates the professional’s planning for the treatment, as well as the patient’s comfort is extremely value, since conventional molding is not use. In this type of impression, a virtual model of the dental arches is generate using an intraoral scanner, quickly, instantly and comfortably.

Important notes about intraoral scanning

Some points must be observe during the procedure, such as dry areas to be scanner, as saliva reflects the light emittd by the scanner Iraq Telegram Number Data causing a distort image if present. Furthermore, metals present in the oral cavity can reflect light, disrupting the emission of light and image acquisition by the scanner. Large edentulous areas, mobile teeth, and the presence of spaces in the interdental papillae can also make image formation difficult.


When to use intraoral scanning?

Traditional impressions can be completely replace by scanning. The exception of some cases, such as non-acceptance by the patient, or areas that present bleeding, for example, will not be detected by the scanner. As it is easier and more agile to perform, compare to molding, it requires a scanner, purchase for your office, or there is the possibility USA Telegram Number of carrying it out in radiology, and today the majority already have this technology. Obtaining digital models is more accurate than conventional models, as they do not take into account the natural distortion of the impression materials applied, as well as the discomfort experience by the patient during the procedure.

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