February 25, 2024
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Is it convenient in summer to lower the temperature of the refrigerator?

Sometimes we think that refrigerators take care of themselves, but that is not the case. Therefore, during the summer months it is advisable to lower the temperature of the refrigerator . This is due to the general increase in thermometers and the greater consumption of cold foods that seek to combat our personal heat but that exhaust the cooling capacity of the device. Due to this, refrigerators struggle to cool all the food stored inside. Who hasn’t ever thought of opening the refrigerator, grabbing a soft drink, and seeing that it’s not as cold as it should be? To prevent this from happening, we must adjust your thermostat by lowering it a few degrees until it oscillates between.

The refrigerator and its VIP area

If you want to improve the performance of your refrigerator in these hot months, remember that not all spaces in the refrigerator maintain the same temperature . The coldest place is the bottom shelf, where you should place perishable foods such as Singapore Phone Number Data meat and fish. Fruits and vegetables have their own VIP area: the drawers . The rest of the products can be distributed on the middle and upper shelves. Finally, the refrigerator door is the least cold area , being ideal for preserving drinks, butter or margarines and sauces of all kinds.

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Tricks to save electricity in the refrigerator

Let the air flow. It is very beneficial that you leave space between foods. This way the air can circulate and distribute the cold properly. Buy India Phone Numbers  Hot foods? Back! Don’t even think about putting hot food in the refrigerator. This causes the temperature to rise, forcing the motor to redouble its efforts, which means more electricity consumption and, consequently, an increase in your electricity bill. Not to mention the deterioration of the thermal conditions of the refrigerator and its lack of effectiveness when it comes to preserving the rest of the food intact.

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