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Accommodation in different regions will allow you to survive natural and man made disasters a flood an earthquake a meteorite fall a large scale Internet outage or a shutdown. The Disaster Recovery service is built on the logic of regional division in fact it is a reserve site in another region for the rapid deployment of a clone of a fallen infrastructure. Which companies are suitable. Companies with particularly high requirements for fault tolerance and those who develop a multi regional service. For example you have a food delivery service that operates both in St Petersburg and Moscow.

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The distribution of infrastructure across regions will increase the availability of services for the end user. For whom is it too much. For services whose clients are tie to a specific geographical point. If a company has a network of St. Petersburg schools for learning English all clients are in St. Petersburg and some downtime is not critical it makes no sense to reserve Antarctica Email List servers in Moscow. It is better to choose one of the following ways to improve fault tolerance. Availability Zone Level Gold Standard There can be several data centers in one region for example St. Petersburg includes data centers in Dubrovka Leningrad region and Tsvetochnaya. Between themselves these two availability zones are connecte by a fiber optic communication line reserve at the physical layer.

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At the same time their engineering systems are different they serve a specific group of DCs and are reserve in relation to it. What does it give. A working model of a fault tolerant infrastructure without the cost of increase latency. Data centers in the availability zone are well connecte and relatively close to each other. At the same time different zones do not BM Leads have a single point of failure. Unless of course the entire region is suddenly destroye by a fallen meteorite. In other respects the distribution of infrastructure across accessibility zones will increase the level of data protection save you from unscheule power outages in the data center area or fires in a particular DC. Availability zones and deicate server locations Which companies are suitable.

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