April 3, 2023
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Therefore you will be able to provide the child with better security and respond quickly. Moreover. you can always understand whether your child is late for lessons or not. The SMS turnstile is a fairly new direction. and we provide all kinds of support to the integrators of this service. as well as provide our own API for working with us. Leave a request so that we send you instructions. The new rules for SMS distribution are valid for a month. Many stoppe sending messages through the digitally signe channel. delivery.

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Paying for messages sent made mailings times more expensive. for many it turne out to be unprofitable. and they refuse SMS. A month has passe and you can see how the market has change at the moment. The percentage of delivery has increase dramatically Colombia Email List According to statistics from October th to December th. it is . Delivery by Megafon especially grew up by . by MTS by . by Beeline by almost times. by Tele delivery increase by . The average message delivery rate increase from to . which is more than good it increase by more than . This happene because Operators have unloade SMS centers and now they send messages with better quality.

Country Email List

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When sending SMS several attempts are made and only then the message falls into undelivere. Having recorde a decrease in spam. the operator reuce the severity of their spam filters. and messages also began to pass through better. The increase in BM Leads the percentage of delivery has become possible because our team daily looks and calculates what algorithms mobile operators use to block SMS. and we come up with ways to bypass spam filters. This also serve to increase the percentage of delivery. What conclusion can be drawn. Sending via digital channel has become more interesting Reucing the volume and share of hard spam has cleare the way for good advertisers.

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