April 3, 2023
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It Is Create Collections Of Promotions

You can flexibly customize any features of your online store. Just go to app management and make changes to the checkout form. Community products do not have the ability to customize properties. size weight color. You can do this in the application settings in the products section. In addition you can set the amount of available goods so that you do not sell what you do not have. Going to the application settings you nee to configure the first message notifications and the payment section.

A Large Assortment Only Three Products

When choosing paymentsoptions are available. VK Pay without payment and their combination. VK Pay is a new payment system like Qiwi Yandex WebMoney. However Vkontakte has create a marketplace that allows you to pay for all goods and services without going beyond the social network. Lets take a look. why VK Pay if there are other payment North Korea Email List systems. Its fast. You dont have to look for your bank card to make a payment on a fashion site. It is enough to be authorize VKontakte. Its profitable. Cashback discounts and exclusive offers only for VK Pay users. Its comfortable. Transfers to friends and communities using a phone number and a QR code without cumbersome details and linking to a bank.

Country Email List

Will Be Displaye On The Main Page

After choosing all the settings save them and voila your online store is ready Do not forget to follow the principle the simpler the clearerby facilitating the purchase process you increase their number. Ease of use For community managers orders are BM Leads collecte in a simple but convenient CRM where you can set up order statuses communicate with customers in community messages by clicking on an order or add necessary comments to the order. Do you run a business account on Instagram have gathere an impressive audience and the activity of subscribers is at zero. Its time for an exciting contest In our material you will findinspiring examples of social meia pranks.

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