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Suitable for both beginners and professionals Annette Simmons Storytelling. How to use the power of stories pages About what . Recently. more and more often professionals use the word storytelling in their speech. What is it and how can it be useful in business. Communications consultant Annette Simmons will answer. She will explain how the storytelling technique works. how they affect the emotions of clients. and why this technique is better than logical conclusions. Quote . Sometimes listening is enough to influence a person Seth Godin.

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Purple Cow pages About what . For those who are going to enter a new market. Seth Godin. an American entrepreneur and economist. will tell you how to create innovative ideas. be creative and not be afraid to take risks. Quote . The old rule of thumb was. make ordinary. unremarkable products and create great marketing for them. The new rule is. build great Anguilla Email List products. and people who want great products will find them Yitzhak Adizes The Ideal Leader. Why they cannot become and what follows from this. pages About what . Itzhak Adizes is one of the worlds leading experts in improving business performance. The author of the book says that the ideal leader simply does not exist in nature. Which exit. The company must be le by a management team.

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A topnotch boss hires firstrate employees. and a secondrate boss hires thirdrate ones David Lewis. Neuromarketing in Action pages About what . The book talks about technologies and methods that encourage buying more. Often they are not recognize BM Leads by people. But for business success. it is important to know what exactly motivates you to make purchases. Quote . The average American child recognizes logos at months and asks for specific brand products at age three. By their third or fourth birthday. kids start believing that brands convey their personal qualities. like being cool. strong. and smart Andy Sernowitz. Word of Mouth pages About what . About how to learn how to turn word of mouth on and off.

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