November 19, 2023
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It with content and Children’s novels, teaching at university, as a brand strategist for companies and agencies, holding numerous conferences on the world of communication, advertising and web. PREVNEXT RESPONSE Giulia Bezzi December at : REPLY Dear Mariano, as always you get the point right! Your advice is what each of us should follow… yes, me too. there are many figures because the work is a lot and complex. In my opinion, it is important that the different figures allow themselves to be influenc by the experiences of others in order to be able to work in a team with full knowlge of the facts.

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World, we must also be able to understand the seo expate bd activities of others and be able to be of support. Leave a comment Comment First name* E-mail* Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Content Marketing in solutions that work even without a budget September In Digital & Social Content Marketing has become an integral part of every company’s marketing strategy. But is it really known and us correctly? I talk about it in this interview with Alessio Beltrami founder of Content MarketingItalia.

The nature of Content

Marketing today has become very BM Leads interactive. If a user has a question or wants more information, he should be able to contact a company instantly. For this reason, many companies use applications such as AI-bas chatbots to know the type of queries people ask, formulate appropriate answers and consequently get the sale of the product or service. So what if every piece of information describing a company’s work, its products or services, was design to capture customers’ attention and trust? Obviously not all companies can afford the use of artificial intelligence and it is precisely here that.

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