March 23, 2023
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It You Need To Create A Lot Of Templates

The final cost is obtaine by multiplying the liste values ABC. In order to prevent overspending it is recommende that you immeiately set limits on daily spending. To collect information about the effectiveness of an advertising campaign you can use special widgets and extensions. For example install a mobile application to manage Yandex Direct from your phone Mobile application Yandex Direct They allow you to make an accurate conclusion about how funds are spent what adjustments to make to the future strategy in order to increase work efficiency.

He Sees A Numeric Value

Those who have ever place ads on Avito know that two absolutely identical product descriptions or images cannot be publishe on this marketplace. If the administrator detects that you are trying to place identical products then the ad will not be moderate Switzerland Email List and will not be publishe. If the seller copies the text from someone elses ad then it will also not be allowe. And in this case there is a possibility that both ads will be blocke yours and the original from which you copie the text. The good news is that due to the large volume of ads place their primary check in Avito is carrie out by a robot.

Country Email List

To Write A Special Custom To Fix

Ads get to manual moderation only after someone complains or after contacting technical support with a request to find out the reason for the rejection. It is much easier to deceive a robot than a person and those who are engage in the professional placement BM Leads of ads on Avito successfully use this. How to quickly create many unique descriptions In order to post many almost identical ads on Avito for free you nee to make them unique. To do this we use the text randomization service. There are many such free ones on the Internet for example miniwebtool . Step First we compose a description for the ad as is.

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