February 25, 2024
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It’s not just about buying: how to extend the life of your appliances

It’s not  care of our appliances is a fundamental aspect for two reasons: achieving better performance and thus efficiency in their energy consumption and other resources. Link copied Also to extend its life , something essential when we make a significant investment in more complete appliances, with more functions and in many cases we opt for models with a better energy rating. Know what you buy and how it works The first big mistake is not knowing what we buy and how it works . Taking time to read the instructions to know their technical specifications is essential for correct use.

Ceramic hob and extractor

Although they may seem like simpler appliances, their maintenance is also important. In the case of glass ceramics : Use a protective cap to avoid accidental breakages, which are more common than usual in such an exposed appliance. Perform proper cleaning . To do this in Oman Phone Number Data  addition to using a suitable cleaning agent, it is essential to use the scraper and never use abrasive products or scouring pads. In the case of spills or even worse accidents, such as a plastic utensil melting from being left next to an active heat source, act quickly. Try to remove it and clean it as soon as possible to avoid further problems, it is much simpler.


Small appliances

A household essential with intensive use: Do not block the ventilation grilles, it is essential that they have enough space with the wall. Don’t put anything on top either , in addition to there being ventilation at the top you could damage the metal structure. Do not turn on the microwave empty . Use microwave-safe kitchenware and tableware . Always keep it clean . It is very common for remains of food or drinks to be deposited. To do this, use a soft cloth Australia Phone Number List  and neutral cleaning products. Extra trick : use a plastic lid or similar materials to cover dishes that can splash and make the microwave more dirty. Blender Read its specifications carefully .

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