April 4, 2023
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Likes Reposts Advertising Setup

A link can lead to any of your resources. The main disadvantage of this format of advertising is the availability of viewing. Only in the desktop version of the site. that is. Only from a computer. A user using the application or mobile version of VKontakte will not see such adspng What can be promote in the TGB block. Community VKontakte External site Application or game VKontakte For advertising communities. a format with a Subscribe button is immeiately provide.

Targete Advertising And Advertising

Which will lead directly to the advertise group or public pagepng Classmates Multiformat placement As the name implies. this ad unit can adapt to different placements. It can be a wide block in the users news fee. or a small advertisement on the right or left of the social network pagepng Teaser х Small advertisements with a picture. title and text. Shown Switzerland Email List only on desktopspng Carousel This is a scrolling tape of slides. Each slide is a picture and a caption. Slides can be any. but most often any product offers are place in this format. They are displaye on the mobile version of the site and on the desktop versionpng Video You can draw attention to ads with. video clips. add a title and ad text.

Country Email List

All He Paid The Money And Wants

Also there is the possibility of choosing the action button you nee under the video ad. ad format Banner x A static or animate banner displaye on the pages of Mail Group projects. Odnoklassniki. My world. Mail news. Mytarget. It is displaye only in the desktop BM Leads version of the sites. Ads that are use to promote websites. In this format. it is not possible to add a title and description. Therefore. we put all the text on the image. picture Read also Targete advertising on Instagram. instructions for setting up and launching Facebook. Photo Simple and convenient. one might say. classic advertising format. Your ad post consists of an image and a short description.

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