April 3, 2023
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Holidays are also a special season for entertainment and corporate events. Tell customers about your services. because many companies nee a New Years event. An example of an SMS to send An unforgettable New Year with Your Company Name. We will organize a bright holiday. colleagues and bosses will be satisfie Leave a request on the site Do not miss the opportunity to influence buying activity with the help of SMS mailings. Follow the above tips and then the New Year will bring you not only a wonderful mood and gifts under the Christmas tree. but also warm customers. There are several ways to send bulk messages. One of them is sending messengers Viber.

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WhatsApp to users. How does this method differ from the standard SMS sending to phone numbers. How to choose which mailing list is right for your business . Read our article in which we compare the application of the two options. PSMS interface SMS mailing and mailing to instant messengers have a lot in common. are use in various business C Level Executive List areas instead of the senders number. you can specify the name of the company brand – the number of characters in the message is unlimite API integration. Despite this. sending to Viber and WhatsApp has a number of differences. Advantages of mailing to messengers. the ability to add a picture to the text of the message a correctly selecte picture affects the increase in conversion get Feeback from customers customers write

C Level Executive List

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Who unsubscribe recognition messages are no longer faceless customers see your logo. information about the company in your profile – the picture is store in the clients phone memory – legality — mailings do not require the consent of subscribers – location BM Leads independence – potential customers can be locate anywhere in the world. this will not affect the mailing list advertising the message contains a link to the site social network – cheaper than SMS to phone. But it is also important to consider the cons. – mailing to messengers is possible only if your customers use messengers It all depends on the target audience. According to statistics. almost percent of Viber users in Russia are under years old.

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