March 2, 2024
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location and language Interests

 Even so. the objective options TikTok Ads Manager provides us are: scope transportation Apply to download watch video Convert Letter Sales 2. Choose your audience The second most important thing is to understand your target audience. analyze their characteristics and know how to reach them. TikTok Ads Manager offers a variety of targeting similar to Facebook . With the ability to include and exclude audiences and create custom and lookalike audiences . It also provides other options: Demographics : gender. age.  Show ads to users base on their interactions with certain interests. such as video games Behavior : Show ads to users base on their recent in-app behavior The device through which they connect to the app 3.

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 Set a budget In the case of TikTok . The minimum budget to launch a campaign is € 50 at the campaign level and € 20 at the ad group level . The cost per Korea Telegram Number Data thousand impressions starts from € 10 . although there are many factors that influence this. such as the goal of the at . TikTok Business recommends keeping a budget and using logs instead of totals. and if you want to use bid limits or cost limits as a bidding strategy. it is recommender to have an initial budget of at least 20 * target CPA.

Telegram Number Data

Launch a conversion Campaign

 If. on the other hand. we plan to and choose conversions as the optimization goal and minimum cost as the bidding strategy. the initial budget must be USA Email List at least ( 20 * target CPA) and not less than more than 100 euros . Oh. and very important: on TikTok . more than on any other social network . it is important not to engage with a campaign until it has left the learning phase! The platform’s algorithm is very strict and prefers to fully analyze the data before getting to the stage of showing ads to more people.

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