April 3, 2023
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operators set up protection that filters advertising SMS messages. However. those SMS messages that come from users interoperator do not fall under the filters. To ensure the maximum percentage of delivery of promotional SMS messages. we suggest that you use the following rules. Beeline According to our observations. Beeline filters and practically does not let through those SMS messages of an advertising nature that contain a phone number. both cellular and landline.

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In other words the operators system recognizes these messages and sends them to spam. We recommend that you avoid phone numbers in messages. An alternative to them may be the name of the site. At the same time. it was also note that India Email List the system of this operator does not filter SMS messages with a link to the site if its name contains two dots. or if this site is locate on a subdomain. for example ok vashmagazin such a site is locate on a subdomain an moreover  contains two dots. therefore. such an SMS message will not fall under the filters.

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According to our data. the percentage of delivery. subject to this rule. reaches. According to our data. the Beeline system skips promotional SMS messages without spaces between words. For example. you can replace spaces with other characters. such as BM Leads periods. commas. dashes. underscores. or slashes. Thus. the percentage of delivery also increases. In addition. promotional SMS messages type by CapsLock pass better. MTS. Megafon. Tele These operators pay attention to the uniqueness of the text. We recommend creating at least template for every . posts. Accordingly. if we want to send . SMS. we nee to create templates. In the near future. we plan to introduce an automatic substitution system that will replace some characters of the promotional SMS with random ones.

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