March 22, 2023
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The concept and the term User Experience itself was coine by Don Norman a classic of industrial and interface design author of the famous book The Design of Everyday Things. Don Norman formulate the main rule of UX the appearance of an object should contain hints on how to interact with it correctly. Hence the two principles of good UX design Discoverability clarity visibility. Feeback feeback response.  Name Telephone Email Question I agree to the processing of personal data We dont notice really good UX design.

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Its like in ballet if the viewer sees deforme feet and inhuman overloads of the dancers then the magic of the dance disappears. User experience design is not about beauty its about how to make a person interacting with a product not think but blissfully go Kyrgyzstan Email List with the flow. Who is a UX designer The main task of a UX designer is to lay the most convenient route from point A to point B functional simple with care for the user and transparent interaction scenarios. The area of ​​responsibility of the User Experience designer is extensive Studying the target audience creating personas a collective image of the user. The product is made for people so the study of their nees is in the first place. Building a reasone strategy.

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A UX designer must know the answer to the question of why to do it this way at every stage of design. Prototyping site architecture creating wireframes creating interaction scenarios visualizing ideas. The concept and aesthetics of the product visual design BM Leads copywriting style composition. At this level the UI designer is involve in the work. Analytics and AB testing launching several versions of the product at the same time to understand which one users like best. A UX designer thinks strategically he clearly understands where he leads a person what will happen as a result of this or that chain of actions. UX designer tools and skills A UX designer is both a Swiss a reaper and a player on the pipe.

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