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In this case the routine should follow: 4 hours a day and 20 hours a week for special ucation students, or in the final grades of elementary school in the professional modality of youth and adult ucation; 6 hours a day and 30 hours a week for students in higher ucation, secondary professional ucation and regular secondary ucation. The intern has the obligation to comply with the schules establish in the internship commitment term. However, it is possible to compensate hours.

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As long as it does not form a bank of hours and the compensation takes place within the calculation period. It is worth remembering Austria B2B List that time compensation must be authoriz by the internship supervisor and cannot cause any academic damage. Salary and transportation allowance The intern, in the case of a non-mandatory program, has the right to receive a salary as agre and transportation vouchers. However, it is not forbidden for the company to offer more benefits within the internship program.

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Paid vacations  The intern is guarante the right to a 30-day. Vacation when the program lasts 1 year or more, to be taken preferably BM Leads during school holidays. This vacation period must be. Remunerat if the intern receives a scholarship.  Or other form of remuneration. When the internship program lasts less than one year.  The intern can take the recess period proportionally to the time work. Health and safety at Work It is the responsibility of the company granting the internship to maintain the safety and occupational health of the interns.

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