March 22, 2023
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And if each lowfrequency player separately brings a little traffic then in total. We get a tangible flow of targete visitors. In addition separate material is written for each lowfrequency. Request the site is constantly update and this has. A positive effect on promotion since search engines are more loyal to live actively developing resources. Result Guarantee Moving through highfrequency speakers you can drain a huge budget but not get any result. Even promotion gurus cant guarantee getting into the top. With low frequencies the situation is reverse. As long as there is a demand for a particular product or service the site will be visite by LF keys.

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Available for dummies A big plus of lowfrequency queries is that having mastere the basics you can promote them on your own without resorting to professional SEOs. Who will suit The main candidates for lowfrequency optimization Young sites that have no chance to break into the leaders for highfrequency queries. A progressive promotion strategy works Maldives Email List well with them first lows then mids and only when the site has taken good positions in these categories you can connect highfrequency requests. The mistake of beginners is to move new sites immeiately to highfrequency ones draining the budget into a pipe. Internet shops. A large range of products allows you to collect a lot of bass keys. Phrase frequency The basic tool for viewing the frequency of requests is the free Yandex Wordstat service. Screenshot of the Yandex.

Country Email List

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Wordstat service Simply by typing a phrase in Wordstat we get a figure of the total frequency. data for all queries in which the words from our phrase were found in any word forms. So the statistics of the general frequency for the phrase cast iron bath hits. This figure includes everything how to restore a castiron bath and buy a castiron bath in Ukhta BM Leads and a pond in the country from a castiron bath. Such data is too blurry so it is better to look at a more accurate phrase frequency. Phrase frequency takes into account only words in different word forms from a given query. To get a more accurate figure you nee to enclose the phrase in quotation marks cast iron bath the result will noticeably narrow down to impressions.

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