March 22, 2023
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A new subnet is create by default. Automation Manage Kubernetes offers three relevant automations two of which are easy to set up at the start. Autoscaling . This feature will allow you to increase the number of nodes in the cluster without. The participation of the client if the load on the infrastructure increases and conversely exclude lightly loade nodes. The main thing is to designate the range of the number of nodes in the group in the control panel. Autohealing or automatic node recovery. If a worker node does not respond within minutes it will be reinstalle automatically.

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Auto update versions . The option will allow you to switch to new patch versions of Kubernetes in time with bug fixes and minor improvements without wasting time on an independent upgrade. Auto update is only available for regional clusters and occurs during a customer specifie maintenance window which is usually the time when the load on the infrastructure is minimal. Important It is better to disable this option if your services are sensitive to the Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List Kubernetes version. Perhaps in your case it is preferable to update in a controlle manner especially since self updating is done in one click. Data storage An additional disk Persistent Volume can be connecte to the cluster. Kubernetes uses a persistent disk as storage.

Country Email List

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The local disk is chosen for maximum performance data transfer is carrie out without network delays. However it is worth considering that in case of problems transferring data to another server will be very difficult or impossible. For greater fault tolerance BM Leads you can choose from three types of network drives fast SSD drive IOPS general purpose SSD drive IOPS and basic SATA drive IOPS . The choice depends on the requirements of specific applications hoste in clusters. Learn more about persistent disks in the Selectel Knowlege Base . You can also connect file storage to a Kubernetes cluster on fast IOPS and universal IOPS network drives.

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