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It is a form of digital security that authenticates and encrypts communication between the user’s browser and the server. There are different types of SSL certificates, which differ in the level of authentication and the scope of protection they offer. They are made available by special units, the socallCASC Certification Authorities. Both paid and free SSL certificates are available in the market. DV certificates are available from free providers, while OV and EV certificates require paid options. Free certificates are providby Let’sEncrypt, Cloudflare. These are recommendfor most websites, but require renewal every few months.

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Paid options are offerby reputable providers such as Domain, Comodo, Digicert, GlobalSign. Their price ranges from to per year. Paid certificates are especially important for sites that collect user data and are vulnerable to hacker attacks, such as banks and institutions. In the case of stores, a free certificate is enough. Each certificate has a limitvalidity Nigeria TG Number period, which is usually one year. When choosing the right SSL certificate for your company, you should take into account the priorities of building user trust and ensuring an adequate level of data protection on the website. Additionally, to ensure ecommerce security, you should Protect your website against spam and protect servers and administration panels. Choose safe and proven payment gateways to avoid data fraud.

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Install antivirus software that effectively protects against viruses and malware. Make sure your ecommerce platform uses firewalls that enhance protection against DDoS attacks. Before using plugins, verify Nigeria WhatsApp Number that they are safe and do not make your website more vulnerable to external attacks. EV certificate in Chrome Warning message Find out more What is an SSL certificate and how to implement it? How to build trust in ecommerce and increase sales? How to improve website security? valuable tips Does an SSL certificate affect positioning? You don’t know how to effectively promote your store on the Internet.

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