February 28, 2024
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Myorelaxing plate: what it is and how to use 3D resin for production

As an intraoral device, it aims to relieve muscle and joint tension caused by problems such as bruxism, sleep apnea, headaches, among others. It is custom-made for each patient, according to their occlusion and dental anatomy. The myorelaxing plate can be produced in different ways, but one of the most modern and efficient is the use of 3D resin, which is a material that can be molded and hardened using a 3D printer , which uses ultraviolet light to create thin layers and accurate. 3D resin offers several advantages over traditional methods of producing myorelaxing plates, such as greater precision, comfort, durability and ease of storage. In this text, we will explain how to use 3D resin to produce a muscle-relaxing plate, what are the steps involve and what are the benefits of this process.

Board Design

The design of the myorelaxant plate consists of defining the characteristics and dimensions of the plate, according to the patient’s needs and preferences. It is carried out using 3D modeling software , which allows you to adjust theĀ Russia Telegram Number Data thickness, shape, color and texture of the plate. This software also allows you to simulate the patient’s occlusion, that is, the fit between the upper and lower teeth. This is important to ensure that the myorelaxing plate does not interfere with the patient’s chewing function and speech. After the board design is complete, the software generates a digital file that contains all the information need to 3D print the board.

3D printing

The process of transforming the digital file. The muscle relaxation plate into a physical object is call 3D printing. To do this, you need to use a 3D printer specifically for dentistry, with 3D resin as the printing material. The 3D printer works Philippine Email List using a system call DLP (Digital Light Processing), which projects ultraviolet light onto a vat of liquid resin. Ultraviolet light hardens the resin in areas corresponding to the design of the plate, creating thin, precise layers. This process is repeat until the entire plate is form. 3D printing takes about an hour to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the board. After printing, the plate needs to go through a few more steps before being deliver to the patient.

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