April 4, 2023
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Users see them along with the familiar content they subscribe to and the posts of friends. Advertisements are available for viewing on computers. tablets and mobile phones. You create a post in your community. Launch ads on it and this post appears in the users fee among. The posts of the communities to which they are subscribe. It looks like a regular community post. Its not immeiately clear that this is an advertisement. This type of advertising is also calle native.

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You can recognize it by the characteristic mark Advertising post under the name and avatar of the community. social meia ad format Site advertising This is a format that does not require binding to the VKontakte community. An advertisement involves adding a title. logo. description. large image. or video. Be sure to specify a link with a utm tag to track Sweden Email List traffic in Yandex. Metrica. The format is available both on the mobile version of the social network and on the desktoppng picture Read also Overview of important Yandex. Metrica reports for beginners Advertising personal page VKontakte makes it possible to promote your personal brand without being tie to the community.

Country Email List

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The transition is carrie out to any of the ad areas just specify a link to a personal page or a post from itpng Advertising in clips and stories The only fullscreen format VKontakte. Allows you to upload up to Stories with photos or videos in ads. Targete BM Leads ads in Clips is an endless stream of short vertical videos with AR special effects. This is a way to tell about your brand. new service or discounts to the audiencepng TGB. advertising in a textgraphic block Small ads that appear on the left under the main menu. A variant with a small picture. heading and text is possible. or with a large picture and only the heading.

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