April 8, 2023
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They are calle stand-up meetings, because they are not about sit-down consultations, but short summaries that can be arrange on the go. Some teams are already using elements of agile marketing, although they don’t know it yet. Task boards in programs such as Asana or Wrike are nothing more than white-boards with a list of subsequent stages and tasks – only on-line. We recommend How to plan online marketing? Online marketing If you are intereste in streamlining processes in your company and are considering an agile marketing campaign, please contact us – we will offer a solution tailore to your nees.

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The next eition of cross marketing for brands May 1, 2021 News The next eition of cross marketing for brands Brands that share common interests and do not compete with each other can work together for mutual benefit. According to Partnerize phone number list research, 54% of companies said that partnerships account for more than 20% of the company’s total revenue. Cross marketing is therefore a convenient and cost-effective way to promote products . If the partnership is well built, it can help double your audience.

phone number list

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During this collaboration, the companies exchange knowlege and ideas, provide advice and mention each other in articles on their websites, social networks and in e-mails. Below we present another interesting example of cross marketing – the BM Leads cooperation of MSM Mońki and Ariete brands. About the MSM Mońki brand Moniecka Spółdzielnia Mleczarska in Mońki is one of the most modern dairy plants in Poland. It was establishe on May 1, 1972 from the merger of the District Dairy Cooperative in Dolistów and the District Dairy Cooperative in Krypno. MSM specializes in the production of Dutch and Swiss-type ripening cheeses, extra butter and powdere products: powdere whey and periodically skimme milk powder.

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