March 22, 2023
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Previously customizations were only available for servers with server processors. But from February you can assemble a server of arbitrary configuration in the Chipcore line. This line appeare a few years ago in parallel with the traditional servers that were already working at that time. The main advantage of Chipcore servers is the price.

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Such servers allow our customers to solve tasks that do not require top end productive and fault tolerant machines they are objectively more expensive . Also for some this is a great opportunity to understand if a deicate server suits them test how it works and get a favorable performance price ratio. Server vs desktop processors Lets compare servers with Ghana Email List different insides with specific examples. Suppose you nee a server with a high frequency six core processor. Option one out of the box configuration with the Intel Xeon E Server Processor. One of the popular servers. There is only one car left in this assembly. Second option configuration of the Chipcore line with a desktop Intel i on board.

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At the time of publication of the article the config is not available. But this can always change. Both configurations have six core processors that differ in clock spee by only MHz but the i entere the market a year later than the E . If you do not take into BM Leads account the different size of NVMe drives then the configurations are similar in characteristics. Some differences of the Chipcore line are displaye on the server card → The KVM console is missing. This is due to the peculiarities of desktop motherboards that do not have an IPMI expansion board. In the configuration with E the console starts in a noVNC session in the browser and allows you to remotely control the server simulating a local connection control the BIOS and reboot the server. Chipcore server users can order IP KVM service for hours through a ticket in the control panel.

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