March 21, 2023
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To switch just enter a couple of commands in the terminal. Next we will talk about reundancy solutions that are use in. Selectel data centers at the L L and L levels. Our experts spoke about them at the Selectel Network Academy webinar Physical Reundancy A hot reservation is a lot like a high school math problem with the opening. Two cyclists left point A for point B. In practice two cyclists dont race. They go to the bike path with the hope that at least one of them will reach point

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Kirill Malevanov Technical Director Selectel An excerpt from the report of technical director Kirill Malevanov Approximately the same principle is use to build communications. Two cables were lai along different physical routes. One was locate next Bolivia Email List to the volcano. The second was lai at the bottom of the ocean. If the first one burns down say due to an eruption the second one will deliver user traffic. This is an example of a typical physical reundancy. If the case of a volcanic eruption seems like something out of science fiction here is another example historical. Ten years ago one of Selectels optical cables was shot at by hooligans with an air rifle.

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Therefore if you nee to stretch the crossover between the first and second server rooms or between server cabinets locate at different ends of the room then it must be laid by two different physical routes. If we get two cables the next logical step is to put two switches. To combine these switches into one logical one additional links are require MLAG BM Leads sometimes calle MC LAG and Stack. To the outside world they represent two physically different switches as one. In this way we increase the likelihood that user traffic will pass through the network topology to its destination. At the same time if the second path is in reserve and operates in standby mode it must be periodically checke. L reundancy Selectel has many different network fabrics scalable and manageable architectures. They cover many computer rooms in data centers.

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