February 25, 2024
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Smart working (or agile working) has become a necessity, not only for the self-employed. Here’s a guide to furnishing a small home office with style and functionality! Are you lucky enough to have a home office area? It is certainly a great convenience, but smart working is not always the best solution for work quality. Yes, because concentrating is not so easy at home! In fact, furnishing a study room so that it is always tidy and well organized is a valid way to work to the maximum of your possibilities. Today we will find out how to furnish an office area optimally for smart working.


Where do we start furnishing the home office area? But it’s obvious: from the desktop! Smart, working fans know this. Having a Iran Phone Number Data  comfortable and tidy surface is the first step to setting up a home office without giving up the comfort of large work spaces. But how do you choose the right desk? First of all, you will have to find a good compromise on the measures. You may not have a gigantic open space available; however, there is nothing worse than a cramped and cluttered desk.


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There is another element that allows you to work comfortably at smart work: the padded footrest! We bet that after a day at your desk, you always find yourself in the same position: cross-legged. TRUE? We knew it! Unfortunately, the most comfortable position is not always the healthiest. Crossing your legs for too long, specifically, can lead to Spain Phone Number List  harmful circulation stagnation. What is missing to furnish a smart home studio and work comfortably? A small, comfortable, and versatile footrest that will allow you to stretch your limbs after long hours in front of the computer. And most importantly, it will save you from the temptation to cross your legs again.

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