March 22, 2023
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Despite the fact that tasks are set through the task manager the lack of normal fullflege planning meetings leads to a slowdown in the usual rhythm of work. Some employees cannot fully work from home and if they live within walking distance from their place of work come to the office. To the possible question Why work at all. For me the answer is clear. The main service of the studio is promotion in search engines.

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This is an ongoing process that has no way to be suspende without losing traffic or positions of the site being promote. A delay of two or three months may threaten the site with a loss of visibility in Yandex and Google. Accordingly these losses will immeiately turn into financial ones. It is easy to slide down the mountain it will be twice as difficult to reach the Honduras Email List previous peaks. Continuing to work the studios aim not only not to lose the customer but also to maintain the results achieve. The while everyone is at home time is suitable for rethinking the studios strategy for the future and tactics in the present. An excellent opportunity to track the mechanism of interaction between departments. When working remotely weak points emerge.

Country Email List

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Perhaps somewhere you nee to write or modify internal instructions. Somewhere to switch to a new type of communication and task setting. In any case such sudden and protracte work away from the office and with remote employees will show a bottleneck BM Leads especially for those companies that have not previously practice working from home. It is also the time to improve the quality and quantity of our own services and offers. We have begun developing training courses that are suitable for those new to the topic of promotion. To do this we work closely with the audience in social networks in particular on Instagram. In total it is planne to create minicourses covering the areas of SEO copywriting and content marketing.

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