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Thus, it can be said that games lead to. Reflection on the student’s performance. To the extent that he re-signifies previous knowledge autonomously, based on communication, representation and social interaction, a phenomenon that provides opportunities for improvement and exercise of creativity. The presence of games and games in school areas awakens. The pleasure of attending school and helps students with special needs to face the difficulties of everyday school life. Playfulness, therefore, is directly associated with students’ learning performance and skills (carneiro, 2012). In this sense, the 1988 constitution established. That education constitutes a social right, liquid and certain, with the state, family and society being responsible for providing children and. Adolescents with access to educational facilities and resources on a universal basis, recognizing this prerogative as essential.

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Professional and social development, in addition to establishing, in the educational sphere, equality, equity and isonomy. Furthermore, item iii of article 208 guarantees specializucational assistance to people with disabilities (preferably in the regular education network) (brasil, 1988). Brazilian legislation guarantees everyone the right to school without distinction, at any level of education, and also provides for specializ assistance for children with special educational needs. This service should be offer. Preferably, in regular education Azerbaijan Phone Number Database and is callspecial education. However, according to cavalcante (2016), this. Name is confuswith special schooling. Which occurs when the child only attends the class. Or school that receives students with disabilities. However, this practice goes against. What is stipulated in the legislation. As, according to the aforementioned law, children with. Special needs must be enroll in a regular school, living with those.

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If necessary, have the right to be attended. To during the after-school hours of one of these institutions. Whose role is to seek resources, therapies and materials to help the student do well in regular school. This France Phone Number List monitoring – special education – is nothing more than a complement to regular education. We also know the importance of offering quality education to all students with special needs. Therefore, based on the concept of knowledge construction by students. It is understood that there is a need to promote. Recreational moments, activities that streamline the teaching and learning process. Always thinking. About the use of resources and concepts for a effective development of inclusion and inclusion of students with intellectual disabilities in regular education. In this context, playfulness is directly relat to. The teacher’s attitude and his involvement in the construction of students’ knowledge. In this way, it is necessary to overcome the concept of playfulness as just.

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