April 3, 2023
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Operators Have Raise Prices

Send us the original documentation by mail or courier. On October the amendments to the bill On Communications that came into force were promulgate. They are talking about the fact that sending. SMS messages spam in bulk without the consent of the subscriber is prohibite. Even information sent on behalf of a mobile operator is no exception. The law states that any subscriber has the right to refuse to send SMS. even if he previously agree to it.

That The Operator Is Oblige To Act

The idea of ​​a law was promote to the State Duma by Ruslan Gattarov. and then supporte by many senators and representatives of parliament. How these legislative nuances are applie in practice. Lenta experts decide to check. They found out that not Guyana Email List everything is so simple. and the subscriber. in order to comply with the law. will have to overcome some difficulties. How to stop receiving SMS spam Lenta aske the most popular mobile operators what subscribers nee to do in order to protect their means of communication from unnecessary information.

Country Email List

In Accordance With The Lawcellular

Amendments to the bill for SMS Representatives of MegaFon told about three ways to solve this problem Blacklist the senders number. To do this. dial and use the SMS control service Visit the operators service center in order to write an BM Leads application to refuse mailings Ask the call center operator to enable blocking of mailings. Similar actions are acceptable for other leading mobile operators. Beeline. Tele and MTS. Automatic shutdown of mailings. Any Russian mobile operator can offer the activation of the autodisconnect option for mailings.  Tele subscribers nee to send an SMS to and enter the short number or spammers name in the text field. MTS customers nee to send the combination off and the number to be blocke.

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