April 4, 2023
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The greatest interest among the audience likes reposts is found by videos lasting fromseconds to. minutes. On Instagram the length of the video must not exceeseconds for a post there are no restrictions on other social networks. Formats that catch provocationa phrase or context that can lead to a dialoguean interesting fact or statistican incentive to commentlife hackuseful information that you can sharestorytellinga story about your brand told in the format of a storybehind the scenesthe daily life of the brandpreview teaserenticing video to the full videolaughtera funny vine that will make you smilevertical or horizontal video.

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Vertica  According to statistics almostof social network users hold their gadget vertically. Use music when creating videos. If this is not possible try to add text or subtitles so that you can understand the essence without sound. Professional eitors have a golden hour for filming videos. This is the time of day with the most favorable lighting. It is believe that Slovakia Email List this is the first hour before sunrise and the last hour before sunset depending on the season. There is a special program for determining such an hour. Timeanddatesun Try to come up with your own ideas and not copy competitors. And also add stickers emoticons and beautiful covers to your videos.

Country Email List

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Video making apps To make a video you nee not only shoot it but also eit it. And for this you nee professional expensive video eitors. Do you think BM Leads so too. In fact everything is much simpler. There are very simple video eiting applications. Download any of them to your phone and feel like Konstantin Ernst. Here are two examples that I use myself. InShot Advantages. Ability to add custom audio tracks to eite video. Rich builtin functionality. emoticons text animation. Simple online video eitor. Import your own pictures audio and video.

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