March 23, 2023
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In addition as practice shows it also happens that traffic from is higher than from search. But Google Maps should not be written off maps are. Becoming more popular and in any case the more information about your company on the. Internet the better. Contextual advertising is an effective method of promoting goods and services. The reason for this efficiency lies in the fact that it is initially configure for potential consumers and. Buyers intereste in purchasing a thing receiving a specific service. Contextual advertising is. Classifie into the following groups Search.

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The user enters a certain query in the search engine on the basis of. Which an ad is shown to him Thematic. Examples of this type are shown on the Yandex network news weather TV program etc. and on partner sites. Search advertising in Yandex Direct example of advertising Yandex Direct on search What thematic advertising on YAN looks like An Sudan Email List example of Yandex Direct on YAN If we consider the page for issuing search results then a number of blocks are highlighte on it where promotional offers are publishe Place for Premium impressions a maximum of four publications above the search results Other impressions they are highlighte under the search results or on the right side of them.

Country Email List

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Schematically it looks like this information in the help of Direct block layout for Premium Impressions and Other Impressions on Yandex Direct BM Leads Contextual advertising experts advise publications in the Premium block and in the highest position. According to statistics it is at this place that you can get up to percent of the total volume of clicks and the hottest traffic is also locate here. The cost of a click in this block if we talk about topics with a high level of competition windows building houses reaches several thousand rubles. Please note that this amount is for a simple transition and not for a complete order.

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