April 4, 2023
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Our Site Looks Like With Micro Markup

The JSONLD format is not supporte by the Yandex system. but it is suitable for the Google search engine. and since Google itself recommends using this markup syntax. The JSONLD format of the Schema dictionary is use for dynamic placement of micromarkup. that is. placement through the Google Tag Manager. We will consider this method in the article. Adding microdata via Google Tag Manager Before you start placing Schema microdata on your site. make sure that the GTM container is installe.

The Test Showe That Micromarking

To do this go to the Google Tag Manager website. log in using your Google account. If the container is installe. then the window will contain information about the publishe container. If the container does not exist. you will be prompte to create it. Use the Google instructions to install the container. Information about the publishe container Information about Tuvalu Email List the publishe container Lets write the Schema microdata code. In the example. we will add microdata of contacts to the site in the Contacts section. Now the site in the search results looks like this. Schema microdata code After installing the microdata. we want to get a more attractive snippet. correct snippet After adding the micromarkup.

Country Email List

Is Installe Result This Is How The Snippet

The address mail phone number. and mode of operation were pulle up in the snippet. but since the number of displaye characters is limite. it is not fully visible. We use special microdata generation services. Open the Schema Markup Generator JSONLD and select the markup type from the dropdown menu. select markup type The code BM Leads generator offers types. Local Business will suit a specific local business or branch. For example. a restaurant or a bank branch. Person is use to generate a business card snippet for a specific person. Product generates an attractive product card in the search results. Event adds information about the event to the snippet.

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