April 4, 2023
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Person Ml Parsing Base On Machine

This means that fakes will not take the first places in the query and collect. Your subscribers from themselvespng Official page of Vera. Brezhneva Page requirements to receive the badge of authenticity. At leasttopics and two photo albums per page. Absence in the profile of materials of an erotic nature obscene language aggression and spam. Content represents the activities of a public person brand organization. Lack of news broadcasts in the form of RSS. Regular content updates at least once a month. There are no links to other social networks and sites except the official site.

Who Joine And Left In The Community

Public persons should collect all links to publications videos of speeches posters and other materials that confirm high popularity and citation. Meia and mass meia are require to provide registration documents a link to the official website a link to the source of site traffic and other links proving the publicity of the meia. The period of existence of the meia is Seychelles Email List preferably at least a year with a circulation ofcopies. To confirm the authenticity of the brand and company profile you nee to provide the history of the brand information on trademark registration if any links to articles in wellknown meia links to brand advertisements. videos slogans etc. Daily visits to the official site should be more thanunique users per day.

Country Email List

On A Personal Page Analytics By Group

If there is a group in Odnoklassniki the number of subscribers must be at leastthousand. Nonprofit organizations must provide information about the organizations activities copies of constituent documents a link to the official website links BM Leads to publications to confirm the organizations fame. There is a separate list of those who will not be able to get a tick. religious organizations and their representatives magicians and psychics politicians charitable organizations. The process of obtaining the status of an official page in OK is more complicate than in other social networks.

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