March 21, 2023
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Looking ahead let’s say that when generating SSH keys the private key can and should be password protecte to provide additional protection. Now let’s look at how the public and private keys are use when using the SSH protocol. When you create a user on the server you can allow him to log in with an SSH key. To do this you must specify the public key. When the user wants to connect he will send a request to the server. After that the server will respond with a random phrase that the user encrypts.

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Given a random passphrase and a public key the server uses cryptographic magic to confirm whether the passphrase was signe by that particular user. In other words identify it. In fact a small roll call takes place between the client and the server according to which the server determines whether it is its own or someone else’s. Quite simply this is shown Afghanistan Email List in the diagram Benefits of SSH Keys Using SSH keys is safer than using a username password combination. Let’s list why Cannot be hacke by brute force methods. Try to pick up a key with at least four lines. The private SSH key is not accessible from the external network. The passphrase will be require solely to identify the user on the server.

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The private key is normally locate in a directory that a normal user does not have access to in the case of Unix like systems . To steal a private key an attacker must have full access to the administrator rights of the operating system. In other words you nee access to sudo privileges. As a rule they are for example the root user or someone who has been manually BM Leads assigne similar privileges. As we wrote above when creating a key you can additionally encrypt the private key with a password. You will nee to enter it in order to view or copy the SSH key. As a result even if attackers gain access to root they will nee additional efforts to guess the password. Setting a password is an optional step but it will greatly enhance security. In addition the keys are quite easy to use.

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