March 25, 2023
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Production With Which A Locksmith Shop

Design website design alurol before work. According to the client the web resource was run by a contractor who stoppe responding to calls and emails. The customer said that the number of hits from the site is declining aske to conduct an audit and make a proposal to correct the situation and further development. Analysis of the site showe that there are errors but not critical ones. According to the Yandex. Metrica service traffic from search engines has been decreasing on the site for the past year and a half. The content has not been update.

Traffic Can Be Obtaine

What did you do and what were the results Base on the results of the analysis and during the execution of the work the customer was aske to implement the following finalize the design of the main and internal pages set up contextual advertising develop a broad Catalan Email List semantic core and optimize for each. type of product prepare a calculator to calculate. the cost of the product. place autocall widgets from the site and online chat on. the site setting up quiz forms for popular services connect call tracking for analysis and to develop new proposals for the development of the project.

Country Email List

The Information Section Of The Site

The client accepte all the points but aske to focus on SEO as this type of promotion works well in his services. Starte to work. Website development The design was finalize made more modern. We place feeback forms the content emphasize the benefits of BM Leads calling a measurer. The site conversion has increase by times only from the change of design. finalization of the design of the site alurol contextual advertising Advertising was set up in one direction protective roller shutters. Five thousand rubles were creite to the balance. After the funds were exhauste the customer aske to disable the context because zero effect.

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