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New pedagogical models. Which raised questions about traditional teaching. Techniques in special education (incontri, 1997). Playfulness therefore represents a way of transforming children’s reality, based on the exclusive prioritization of students’ needs, due to their affective and cognitive interests. In this scenario, the game. Due to its breadth of meanings, configures an. Effective means of expression and represents a symbolic structure about. The child’s views. Piaget (1998), also, describes playful actions as a form of. Internalization of subjects in relation to their social environment. He defines games as verbal communication mechanisms. This reason led him to attribute the role of an indispensable element to the child’s analytical sense to the game. The game also represents the equivalent of playfulness, fantasy, dreams. Experiences, sexuality and thoughts.

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Games highlight important aspects in relation to the. Emotions that manifest themselves during the knowledge and learning processes. From a theoretical point of view, it allows us to understand the psychological processes and structure thanks to which human beings produce knowledge; from a practical point of view, it allows us to critically analyze Australia Phone Number Database the situations that are most favorable for this, game rules and construction are dialogue. Within the child’s limits on the process of thinking and building knowledge (macedo; petty; passos, 2005, p. 121). As stated by piaget (1998), activities that include norms were based on constructive theories. In order to understand the functionalities of children’s cognition, as well as to promote the functions of forming reasoning in a generalized way. Thus, through playful teaching, as taught by piaget (1998), the child.

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Rules, constructs ways and means of getting around the obstacles placed in their path in the form of challenges, which represent affective-social contexts and simulate the existence of relationships of respect and reciprocity. For vygotsky (2001), when playing. Children develop new behaviors and discover actions. The author also states that, although China Phone Number List toys are not a dominant aspect for children, they represent an important element in children’s evolution. In this scenario. It is important to know how relevant the use of games. In special education is. Given that they encourage motivation, in addition to being a new teaching technique, which favors educational methodology, social interaction between the student and the teacher , and the student with other students. For vygotsky (2001), playful teaching should be applied more frequently, since recreational activities are healthy and non-discriminatory. Foster development and encourage activities carried out together.

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