April 3, 2023
Country Email List

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There is a free version with limite functionality. There are detaile instructions for each tab. Work in the cloud / data will not be lost even if the computer is turne off. Minuses Slow loading compare to other services. Lack of a oneday tariff for solving onetime tasks. Tariffs OKTarget Tariffs OKTarget Service website. oktarget Cerebro Target cerebrotarget Functional Search for an audience in all its communities including popular ones. For comments in communities. Search for users from photo albums of competitors. Posts that are most interesting to the right audience. Search for community administrators.

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Search for those who have many friends among your friends. Search users by date of birth. Collecting an active basethose who like commente or reposte the necessary posts. Collection of users who have recently joine competitors. Analysis of the general characteristics of your audience. Making combinationsfor example those who joine Portugal Email List competitors and celebrate their birthday on March . pros Convenient subscription periodsfromday to a year. Service community with cases video tutorials and news about targeting. Periodic gifts and promotions for users. Minuses No trial free access. Tariffs Cerebro. Target Tariffs Cerebro. Target Service website. cerebrof TargetHunter targethunter Functional Search for communities by key phrase geolocation address status description. Search for communities that have fallen into Prometheus.

Country Email List

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Search for users by a key phrase in the profile description geolocation school university faculty hometown musical preferences adde videos birthdays. Search for parents of children of a certain age. Collection of posts products videos discussions BM Leads by keyword or phrase. Gathering of relatives people who gave gifts recently joine the community members employees couples music lovers community contacts. Activitiesjoining groups discussions comments likes changing marital status. Analysis of target communities intros popular people promo posts users by demographics engagement interests popular reposts and repost sources communities by audience blocke by last post engagement response spee popular reposts and repost sources Community and profile filters.

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