February 28, 2024
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Reduction of manufacturing errors

Reduction of Manufacturing errors in the plate, as it eliminates manual steps that can generate distortions or flaws in the final product. 3D resin also allows greater control over. The quality and consistency of the board, as it is subject to rigorous testing before being release for use. Furthermore, it avoids wasting material, as it is only used in the amount need for each plate. This reduces production costs and environmental impact. However, the dental office is also an environment that needs attention in relation to the microorganisms present there.

Digital model storage

The sterilization of dental instruments is essential to guarantee a safer working environment, after all, this process destroys the microorganisms present in the sterilize instruments, reducing the risk of cross-contamination between Qatar Telegram Number Data patients. In today’s content, you will understand more deeply the standards that govern this process and the importance of adequate sterilization in dentistry.

Importance of sterilization in dentistry

The fourth biggest cause of death in the world is hospital infections, cause by fungi, bacteria and viruses. In Brazil, the Ministry of Health Mexico Email List states that this problem causes the deaths of approximately one hundred thousand people per year. Many people believe that cross-infections only occur within hospitals. In fact, they tend to be more serious in the hospital environment.

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