March 23, 2023
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Requests Are Blurry In Comparison

Sometimes it is difficult to explain why the studio refuses to customize the functionality of the site that is different from the approve one. A striking example The customer was indignant at the fact that he was denie a request to change the functionality of the Catalog to the functionality of an online store on the site being create. According to the Customer this is to change one button for another. For a studio these are additional hours of work for a designer programmer and account manager on a separate TOR. It spells out not only how this solution will look visually but also in what algorithm to work delivery types basket shape Personal Area connection of payment systems setting up and debugging processes etc.

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Forewarne is forearme Correspond with the client to always have a written confirmation of the words It is almost impossible to prevent the occurrence of such misunderstandings. Many people read the contract very superficially before signing it. Or they believe that the signing is very conditional and everything can be change at any moment. TheĀ  most Philippines Email List correct decision will be an internal readiness for such situations the manifestation of correctness and tact in relation to the Customer. Be sure to keep the history of correspondence and discuss all aspects of the project in writing justifying this by saying that it will be more convenient for both parties the developers will not get confuse in the sequence of eits and will not lose anything and the party accepting the project will be able to track the number of actions and the timing of their implementation.

Country Email List

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If the Customer insists that corrections be recorde for him by phone then you can politely refer to the companys internal rules or clauses of the BM Leads agreement on the provision of information only in electronic form. In any case a properly drawn up contract and terms of reference taking into account the indication of specific work and deadlines will help to get out with minimal losses or without them at all if misunderstandings cannot be resolve by simple negotiations.

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