April 4, 2023
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The administration processes the application within three working days and it is not known when a specific answer will come. picture Read also How to create an online store VKontakte. a new stepbystep guide Twitter InTwitter announce that the user verification proceure was suspende indefinitely. A similar situation was indue to the endless stream of applications from users. The year isand it is not possible to get acquainte with the requirements and apply. However Twitter hasnt strippe users of ticks that can still be lost for not following the rules on and off the sitepng Official page of Vera.

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Brezhneva on Twitter Deprivation of status can occur due to the following actions. Misleading Twitter users changing your display name or information about yourself. Aggressive behavior propaganda of violence attacks on other users base on race Sierra Leone Email List ethnicity or nationality sexual orientation gender religious beliefs age physical or mental disabilities diseases. support for organizations or individuals promoting the aforementione actions. Offensive behavior or support for such. Violence pictures of violence or dangerous behavior threats hurting others or yourself. A verifie account may lose its authenticity badge if the profile has been eite and does not match the original intent of creation.

Country Email List

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For example some actor got a checkmark but eventually made a car lovers page out of his profile. myths A check mark increases reach. No it doesnt. Genuine pages escape punishment for infringements. Verification does not grant immunity to BM Leads penalties. With a blue tick you will never be blocke. Block all users who violate the policy. Posts from verifie pages go to the top. Publications are similar to publications of ordinary users. You can buy a tick. Maybe but who. The administration of the above social networks does not sell verification. A Twitter individual mentione that there would be severe penalties for fake badges.

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