February 28, 2024
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Resin braces: find out what they are and their advantages

In Dentistry, materials have been constantly evolving. The aesthetic appeal of our society has contribute significantly to this evolution. In Orthodontics, patients seek resolution of their malocclusions, but with the information that they do not want that “metallic smile”. Therefore, professionals must be up to date with the best materials available on the market, what their patients’ needs are, and how it will be possible to offer the best resolution to their cases.

What is resin braces?

The so-call resin devices are those that contain materials other than metals in their composition. They are aesthetic brackets, develop in different materials, including resin, polycarbonate, sapphire, porcelain are some of the names Italy Telegram Number Data of the models that make up this type of accessory. This type of bracket is manufacture with a color similar to that of teeth, and does not give a very visible smile at first impression. They can also be made in smaller sizes, ensuring that, in addition to aesthetics, the bracket base does not occupy so much of the vestibular surface, which prevents the demineralization of a greater amount of enamel during the bonding procedure.

Resin braces materials

Polycarbonate is an aesthetic plastic resin. With an opaque color and can easily change its color over time after the device is install. Porcelain Vietnam Telegram Number also has opaque characteristics. Much more resistant than polycarbonate, and does not cause significant changes in color. Finally, sapphire has the best aesthetic result compare to the materials mention above, having a higher cost. It has a translucent appearance and is resistant to fractures.

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