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A nightmare for such managers when they switch from the language of emotions to the language of facts and figures. Ask the contractor to prepare a TOR for improvements and name the cost of the work as well as attach a forecast of how much things will improve after implementation. Part of this stage of the negotiations are lost. Case from practice. Develope and hande over a website to the center of dentistry. We offer the client a promotion select preliminary requests we take positions in Yandex to show the current state to the customer. Positions of the new site at places in the search engine.

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We are attaching a strategy according to which we are planning a number of works in order to reach the TOP. But the customer agrees to the offer of competitors. A little less than a year passes the company again turns to the studio with a request for promotion because. the work of the current contractor is not satisfactory. We remove positions to understand the situation and see that from positions the pages of the site have flown to and deeper. It became Ireland Email List worse than before the start of the promotion. We start to work and what do former performers do. They call the client and nightmare that it is getting worse come back we will prepare a plan for solving the problem. The result of their work is zero visibility of the site it cant be worse than what they did.

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Types of contractors Companies choose from types of contractors State Marketers. Freelancers. Agencies. Specialize studios boutique and conveyor. Types of contractors photo Conventionally performers can be divide into types fulltime BM Leads employees and remote ones. If you work with a contractor in the plane of solving business problems then for the customer it does not matter where he works in the office or outside. If a marketer works in an office then he will have only one company project. And the degree of involvement will be e. If this is a contractor from the outside then attention is distribute to several projects.

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