August 14, 2023
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You still don’t know what a gamifi platform is and how it can bring success to your company, follow this article and keep your business active in the market! Gamification platform: what is it? A gamification platform is an online learning system where the mechanics and dynamics of normal games are us to engage the employee, improving him professionally and bringing more results to the company. Therefore, we can say that a gamifi platform is an efficient corporate training solution for companies, since there are many.

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Benefits in addition to those mention above that we will see below. Before that, to understand how this system really works, check it out below. How it works? Raul Inácio Busarello, Doctor and Master in Engineering and Knowlge Management of Mia and Knowlge, launch a research explaining more about gamification and its Cuba B2B List principles. In it, he points out that the mechanics us are intend to bring learning to the participants as the main focus of gamification. Therefore, it is known that the gamification platform works following the principles of a common game, which contains: Scoring system for each training participant, where all performance will be record individually.

B2B Email List

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Score ranking among employees undergoing training, which will show which participants accumulate the most points from learning; A BM Leads clear objective that must be achiev by professionals, as a percentage of teaching; Rewards , which can be time off or trips for employees who have a higher ranking, for example. When it comes to gamification in companies , it is recommend that participation in training be voluntary, giving your team members the opportunity to improve professionally, but without requirements.

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