April 4, 2023
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Be one step ahead Alas not all companies use masks on Instagram. This is a good opportunity to stand out from the competition. you can invite a potential client to try on your product before buying it. Help increase awareness. AR masks are not an advertising object. but can be use to increase brand awareness. You can add your logo or other brand identity to the filter mask. How masks can be useful for business. Virality Stories are viewe times more than posts. That is why the chance that users will use your mask is much higher.

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The user is intereste in them. looks. takes a picture with a mask and uploads the photo to the story. The mask is seen by his friends and becomes intereste in her. Then immeiately publish in their stories. People can go to your profile. which increases the number Uganda Email List of interactions with your account Free advertising To create a mask. you can contact an agency or professional designers. but making a simple mask yourself is not difficult. Whats with the free advertising In the stories of all users who save a mask for themselves or took pictures with it. the name of the brand that owns the mask will be written at the top. This is where free advertising comes in – mentioning your brand.

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An example of an Instagram mask by KariInstagram mask example from Mac An example of Instagram masks from Kari and Mac. Ability to try on the goods The option is great for companies that produce clothing. accessories and cosmetics. A vivid example from the Italian jewelry brand CRIERI with its help you can try on their cool earrings. Mask example BM Leads from Crieri Mask example from Crieri Mask example from Crieri An example of a mask from Crieri. Promoting the mask with the help of bloggers The algorithm is simple. we are looking for bloggers with our target audience. we offer them to use and promote the mask. So the mask will become viral. and a huge number of people will recognize its creator. What types of Instagram masks exist On Instagram. countless masks are uploade daily.

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