March 22, 2023
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Screening Out Requests With High

Single click Even better if the user entere a query followe the link and never returne to the search. This means that one site close all his questions this raises the rating of the resource. Improvement of PF work with the site in directions The goal of improving behavioral factors is to first hook the user through SERP motivate him to go to the site and then hold him there and push him to action. Following the goal the offensive must be carrie out on fronts . Technical part of the site We care about user convenience. Page loading optimization.

This Product The General Scheme

The longer the page takes to load the more visitors leave impatiently. Loading time should be kept to a minimum. Functionality without bugs. Everything on every page should work perfectly. Nothing irritates like a lot of small jambs the button does not work the link is reirecte to the wrong place the application form is not thought out etc. Design that takes into Nepal Email List account the target audience. A site for TOP managers should not have the design of the Ogorod i Dacha magazine. Irrelevant or lowgrade design repels the user causes distrust in the company. SSL certificate. Secure Socket Layer is a standard Internet technology for a secure connection between a site and a user. Some browsers notify their users about the lack of a secure connection and this has a negative impact on behavioral factors.

Country Email List

Promotion Is Reuce To Stages Selection

Screenshot of the sites SSL certificate Designing a error page. When a user lands on a link to a error page their first reaction is to immeiately leave this bad place. To keep a lost guest it is worth designing the page correctly apologize offer an alternative IT Cell Number show the structure of the site. Responsive layout for mobile devices. According to Yandex.Radar statistics the number of users accessing the Internet from smartphones has exceee e. Sites that are not adapte to all types of devices are eliminate from the competition. Screenshot of the responsive version of the site . Displaying the site in the search We expand the zone and introduce catchy elements.

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