March 22, 2023
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Search Phrases Of Competitors Semrash Spywords

In the search line of the service you nee to enter any highfrequency or midrange key and scroll through the results until the woofers appear. For example for cast iron bath queries with less than a hundre impressions per month appear on page how much does a cast iron bath weigh cast iron bath size artificial stone bath or cast iron bath which is better etc. In addition to the request you can add clarifying words after the symbol cast iron bathtub for a small bathroom. This option shows low frequency tails. Checking competition on demand The effectiveness of lowfrequency queries depends on the number of people moving along the same keys.

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It is necessary to collect phrases with low competition LC then the search engines will quickly bring the relevant page to the top. How to check if a request is competitive. Issuance method. Enter the phrase in the search bar and see how many documents are presente in the search results. The lowfrequency castiron antislip bath produces million results in Yandex Malta Email List this is a lowfrequency but highly competitive request. Breaking through it to the top is unrealistic. But the phrase sliding castiron bathtub screen gives only results in the search engine. This is a lowfrequency lowcompetitive keyword which makes it easy to get into the first lines of the issue. Service Mutagen . Requires registration and allows you to check up to requests per day for free.

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Here the phrase frequency and the level of competition are immeiately shown from to . An indicator of – is considere average. Screenshot of the Mutagen service The hard work of collecting the right keys quickly pays off. Lowfrequency requests with low BM Leads competition are a guarantee of getting into the top and receiving targete traffic. How to optimize a page for lowfrequency queries The work begins with page optimization. The more pages of the resource will be optimize for lowfrequency the more traffic will go to the site. We select – lowfrequency and lowcompetitive queries on the topic and determine among them one main one with the highest frequency. We enter the main query into the Yandex search bar and look at the first positions of the issue.

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