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Proposal is to offer great quality plans at low prices. They include an accrit network with reference hospitals and differentials such as the Health Team and the Healthy Habits Network. Health Team : made up of doctors and nursing professionals who accompany the patient throughout life and take care of him in full, solving up to 85% of health problems. Healthy Habits Network : non-clinical health and wellness services, such as gyms and studios, mitation, yoga, pilates, among others.

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All captain by the Gympass benefits network . The accrit network of the Sami plans is a reference, with hospitals, laboratories and maternity hospitals such as Beneficência Portuguesa, Oswaldo Cruz Vergueiro, Santa Joana Papua New Guinea B2B List and Santa Terezinha maternities, Lavoisier, Labi, among others.Can you imagine your HR more prepar, agile and strategic to deal with everyday situations? With People Analytics this is possible. This people management method emerg as a form of support for professionals, so that they can analyze and interpret data more easily and assertively.

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In this way, the company’s HR sector can optimize processes and gain more time for other important points of attention. With this set of processes, your HR can achieve out-of-the-curve results. Do you want to know how People Analytics BM Leads can facilitate selection processes in your company, generate more development for your team and other important factors for transparent management? Keep reading our article! What is People Analytics? In summary, People Analytics is a process that provides the necessary information for sectors such as HR to be able to make more strategic decisions , with more agility in decision-making. Through the collection, organization and analysis of data from the company’s employees, the HR or DP sector starts to see the body of employees in a more detail way.

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