April 3, 2023
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The Promotion Have A Serious Sale

Games in QIWI payment terminals. after completing the payment. receives an SMS notification on his phone with the text. Your payment was successful. and after that comes characters of advertising from QIWI partners. This is a great way for some entrepreneurs to market their services. Why. Because you can set up the SMSonline system in such a way that a person receives SMS by paying for services only in a certain terminal or in a number of terminals locate in the same shopping center or area. A number of useful services from QIWI for SMS Think how great it is. you just opene an auto repair shop and you want people who are close to your auto repair shop to know about its existence.

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Thus you send SMS to people. This is by no means considere spam. as the message comes with a payment notification. Therefore. such messages are safe for advertisers. Colleagues from Kiwi told us an excellent case when a canteen was opene in the Ecuador Email List area. it was not on the entrance street. so outdoor advertising could not gather large crowds of people. there were also a number of restrictions on the use of outdoor advertising. It was necessary in a short time to make sure that this dining room. which worke in the business lunch mode during the day. and discos in the evening. always had a stir and a full landing.

Country Email List

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Then they decide to make advertising at the terminals. people paid for services and receive information that they could have lunch if it was during the day. or BM Leads relax if the payment at the terminal was made in the evening. That is. the text change depending on the time of day. A number of useful services from QIWI for SMS Of course. hitting the target audience is the maximum. during the day. those who work in this territory paid. and in the evening. payments came mainly from people who live nearby. That is. also by the time of day.

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